Psychological Therapy Services:

WE REGRET THERAPY IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FROM SOLUTION PSYCHOLOGY. Details of other therapists can be found elsewhere on this site.

Presenting Problems

People seek help from Clinical Psychologists for a range of reasons, including physical and mental health needs, relationship difficulties within families and help in understanding the causes of certain psychological presentations (behavioural/emotional/cognitive).  These problems can be faced by adults, children, adolescents and families and, as Clinical Psychologists are trained across the lifespan, Solution Psychology can discuss your needs regardless of age.

Typical referrals to Solution Psychology’s psychotherapeutic services for children, adolescents and adults include:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks and phobias
  • Low mood (it is advised that depression is discussed with a medical practitioner first)
  • Living with chronic illness
  • Pain management
  • Family relationship difficulties
  • Concerns about children’s emotional well-being, behaviour and development
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Adjustment to life changes (e.g. pregnancy and parenthood, parenting adolescents, divorce)
  • Cognitive (intellectual) assessment can be offered for children from 6 yrs to 16yrs 11mths

Psychological Assessment and Interventions

Clinical Psychologists will always start with a detailed assessment of your needs.  This can be done through discussion about problems, concerns and goals but sometimes includes observations in different settings and/or psychometric assessment (e.g. health and mood questionnaires, formal testing).  Once a full assessment has been completed, you and your psychologist can review this information and agree the best way forward.

If it is agreed that further intervention is required a plan will be made that suits your needs best.  Clinical Psychologists are trained in a range of therapies and it is likely a combination of different approaches will be used, but the emphasis may vary depending on the difficulties identified and goals set.

The core approaches Dr Anne Woodhouse integrates into her psychological interventions are:

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy
(Linking thoughts, emotions and behaviours and developing strategies to challenge and change them to improve how you feel.)

Solution-Focused Therapy
(Focusing on your personalised goals and solutions to work towards success.)

Motivational Interviewing
(Working out your primary motivators and how to use these to reach your goals.)

Systemic Therapy
(Working on relationships between individuals in a “system” – including families and work environments - and how patterns of interactions within a system can prevent and create change.)

Narrative Therapy
(A collaborative approach to therapeutic discussions, using a person’s own skills, knowledge of themselves and personal resources to reconstruct the story, or narrative, of their difficulties and potential solutions.)

Behavioural Therapy
(Using behavioural strategies to improve health and behaviour, for example, through use of positive attention and reward, exposure and pacing towards goals.  This is the primary strategy for parenting interventions.)

Dynamic Therapy
(Using a” therapeutic space” and the relationship with the therapist to reflect on your past, present and future, to understand the importance of early relationships on your psychological development and to make sense of who you are and who you want to be.)

Play-based Therapy with children
(Where children communicate their needs and difficulties through play and have the opportunity to resolve dilemmas and difficulties in their life with a secure therapist offering safety and guidance).

Other Psychological Therapists

Dr Woodhouse offers a range of highly complex psychological assessments and interventions.  However, it may be that your needs would be more appropriately met by a psychologist or therapist with a different set of skills or attributes (e.g. a cognitive behaviour therapist, an arts therapist or a male therapist).  Click here for the details of other therapists.

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