Statement Regarding COVID-19 from Solution Psychology (19th March 2020)

Current health advice on COVID-19 is to reduce social contact, self-isolate when ill and that schools will close on 20th March 2020, probably until August.  This will inevitably impact on my ability to offer expert reports over the coming weeks due to reduced opportunities to meet with parents and children or to observe relationships.

If you have already confirmed instructions in a case I will contact you directly to discuss a way forward.

If you have new cases that require an expert opinion, and you are not sure whether it can wait, there are other options.  First, can I invite you to give me a call so we can discuss the needs of the case.  Second, for those cases that would ideally not be delayed (e.g. child protection, permanence) we can consider alternative approaches to providing a report.  Paper-based reports, offering a provisional clinical opinion from existing records, may be sufficient to manage complex cases in the short term.  In some cases, there may be scope to complete part of the assessment by videocall interviews and questionnaires.  These approaches may prove sufficient to support interim decision-making, ensuring some expert opinion can still be accessed in the absence of full assessment.

I hope we can find creative ways to work together in these unprecedented times to ensure families are protected.


Dr Anne E Woodhouse

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

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